▲ Nicki in my room ▲

2013-06-01 @ 14:36:00
Ph. Me
Model. Nicki S
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▲ Cool schmool ▲

2013-05-29 @ 11:23:00
Picture I made in school for a presentation. 
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2013-05-06 @ 21:36:05
Once upon a time I climbed a mountain in Italy and took some photos. 

▲ LEO▲

2013-04-12 @ 00:28:00
Photo. me. Poster layout also made by me.
I'm having 20 posters printed by tomorrow, going to put some of them up! 

▲ Running Back ▲

2013-03-06 @ 15:19:00
Here's some pictures that Sandra took of me. We were photographing outside on the ice.
She takes really great photos, check out her blog http://fyrahundrafem.blogg.se 


2013-01-29 @ 23:15:00
gif. me
A gif I made when we were in Bangkok. So stressful haha.


2012-12-01 @ 20:24:00
Haven't written about it here but I'm in a band called Dolores Haze, I'm the drummer. We've only been playing for 2-3 months but we've already played live three times and we have 2 upcoming shows, one here in Stockholm the 7th of december in Farsta at a place called Tuben. And one in Umeå at verket. This is a live video from our gig in Umeå last weekend. Thank you Isaac for the nice work with the video!!


2012-10-18 @ 00:47:00
Yuvia and I are working on our photo project. This is a photo that we shot in the famous urban exploration tunnel here in Stockholm. I loved the lightning and the colorful grafitti but I remember it being really cold that day and we were freezing during the whole photoshoot. It was also very hard to climb over the tall doors! So it was a lot of work.
We're going to post more pictures on the tumblr we're creating at the moment, I'll post the link here as soon as it's done.


2012-09-11 @ 01:01:00

photo. Me
Model: Yuvia
This is the first photoshoot that Yuvia and I did together, we took a lot of pictures and it was just so much work going through them all and choosing the best ones. But I'm really pleased with how it turned out (I even have many more good pictures in my archive). I'm gonna meet her this weekend and we're gonna work on our new photography/art project together. We're going to create a new tumblr page for it and write down some ideas, brainstorm!

▲ Do you remember graduation▲

2012-07-16 @ 22:38:44

Miss you.

▲ Sunset ▲

2012-07-14 @ 00:21:19


2012-07-02 @ 01:47:23

My friends and I at the Hultsfred festival!
I don't want this summer to end, ever. Today (or yesterday whatever), when I came home from Peace & Love, sleepy and hungry I got online to check what school I got in to. This autumn I will study art & design at Kulturama. It was my second choise, but I'm absolutely pleased with it! Looking forward to this autumn but I still don't want this summer to end!

▲ Animal Gangstah ▲

2012-06-06 @ 23:35:05

Animal Gangstah by me

Yesterday I was at a special party, the last party ever with my classmates. It was truly one special evening.. And I realised that I really like those crazy people, it's kind of sad that I didn't get to know everyone. We had our prom last week and our final exams, and tomorrow it's the big day. The graduation.
I haven't thought about it that much. Now that it's here, it feels unreal. This automn everyone is going to different schools and I have no idea which people I will keep in contact with. To everyone from my school: I'M GOING TO MISS YOU!

Next week we'll be at the music festival Hultsfred, and then the week after at Peace & Love festival.
Looking forward to it!


▲ Birthday girl ▲

2012-05-22 @ 21:29:04

Yesterday we celebrated one of my best friends birthday! Congratulations Sigrid, 16 years!  We had a little picnic in the park with some cake and music. I didn't take much photos so you only get these crappy blurry ones, haha. Anyways, we had a lot of fun this year too (is it going to be a tradition now..?)


2012-04-29 @ 22:24:40



Get rid of them

Dispose that empty feeling

It doesn't suit you



▲ Lucky Nines//Jamie Brown ▲

2012-04-22 @ 00:30:11

I like this building.

I have no idea what to do with my future. I don't know what school to choose. I don't know what program I want to study. But I know I'd like to become a graphic designer, art director or photographer. Or some kind of mix.


2012-03-02 @ 22:38:23

I'm very inspired by these stop-motion short films at the moment. This one is one of my favourites!

I really wanna make one myself so I'm gonna do a research and maybe start making one as soon as I can. My favourite stop motion movie is Wes Andersons' The Fantastic Mr Fox (all of my friends got tired of me talking about it all the time haha) and I also adore Coraline and Corps' Bride.

I can't wait for summer and festivals after watching this! I'm going to Peace&Love this year again and I'm just so excited to see Bloc Party live!



2012-02-09 @ 19:06:16

I haven't payed much attention to this blog lately. I guess I haven't been that creative as I used to. It has to change. I'm kind of stressed out at the moment, I have to choose what school I wanna go to this autumn and I have to study as hell to get the grades I want - to get into the school I haven't chosed yet. Everything is so confusing and I'm starting to get insane because I don't have that spare-time as I'm used to have. I want to create something, that's all.

▲London GIF ▲

2012-01-25 @ 22:34:13

Learning how to animate in PS, the basics.

▲ A New Year ▲

2011-12-31 @ 12:03:07

I made a "year summary" today, but I didn't like it at all so I deleted it. Felt like a waste of time but anyway. Today it's New Years eve and I'm going to make some promises as usual! I'm looking forward to the new year and I'm hoping that 2012 will be a fun and exciting time of my life. Alice and I are going to London soon (4/1), and I'm looking forward to that as well.

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