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2011-05-24 @ 20:27:08
Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2.
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▲ Mobile Pics ▲

2011-05-23 @ 08:11:04

Here's two pics from my cellphone that I took yesterday. I have the "gröna kortet" now, so I can visit Gröna Lund (tivoli in Stockholm) whenever I want! Today I'll visit to see Familjen. Yesterday I saw Tove, Veronica Maggio, Christian Walz and some other artists! It was so much fun!

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▲Right now I'm missing Warsaw▲

2011-05-20 @ 21:40:47

Oh Patrick. I'm your biggest fan!

This video came out today, and I'm so in love! Can't wait to see him live again!

1:46 <3

(Do you see the ring on his finger!! :D)

▲ Simon Schmidt ▲

2011-05-18 @ 11:58:00

I've said it once before, and I'm saying it again:
Read Simon's blog!
You'll find wonderful pictures and lovely outfits! Sounds great, doesn't it?
Well, pay it a visit!

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2011-05-17 @ 23:40:33

▲ Fire and whispers tour▲

2011-05-15 @ 16:26:53


At friday night, Alice and I went to se IAMX at Nalen. They were so awesome that saturday morning i woke up with bruisings on my hands! Under the concert I even touched Chris arm! I'm so lucky. As soon as I get the possibility I'll definitely see them again, and again! It was so much energy!

At the rest of the weekend I've been cleaning my room from tip to toe, packing things into boxes and throwing 4  garbage bags away. It felt like I was killing my childhood, ha ha. The reason why I'm cleaning is that I'm going to build a wall in the middle of the room, repaint everything and put up a new wardrobe.

And also I've got some other good news, I've got a new cellphone, the one that I wanted so now I'm not retareded anymore. Now I can visit facebook, tumblr on-the-go and even... Call my friends without problems! (and also many other stuff). It's a samsung galaxy s2!

▲ BBC ▲

2011-05-12 @ 20:10:16

I just looked at this - and WOAH it's so inspiring!

I don't often look at documentaries, i should definitely do it more often!

Take a look!

▲ Just some outfit ▲

2011-05-11 @ 17:50:23

ph. me
model, me
Well, this is how I've been dressing the last few days. And well, it's kind of fail that I'm standing to toe... YeahYeah.

▲ Earcuff ▲

2011-05-10 @ 21:56:55
Five minutes ago I made this little thing out of some old broken jewelry, I think it turned out quite nice! Maybe I'll add some details to it in the future, I'm thinking feathers or some crucifixes. (but I'm not a Christian... hmm...)

And I need to ask; is it ok that I write in English or does it feel too weird?

▲ Walk In The Park ▲

2011-05-08 @ 23:16:04

ph. me

model: Alice



2011-05-06 @ 18:41:00

Bracelets from H&M, 79:-

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2011-05-05 @ 18:28:14



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