▲ Chiddy Bang ▲

2012-08-07 @ 03:08:57

Love this album cover! Check out the band here.
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2012-07-28 @ 19:56:54
I love the ending.
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2012-05-29 @ 22:42:50

▲I spy▲

2012-05-05 @ 00:09:21
Addicted to this song


2012-04-19 @ 17:23:19
Thankyou Patrick for calming me down.

▲ Lana del Rey ▲

2012-03-15 @ 17:38:51

▲ Lost in the call ▲

2011-12-02 @ 00:32:08

I'm just over inspired by this guy. I can't listen to anything else anymore, can't change the song.

▲ Darius ▲

2011-11-20 @ 11:19:11
I love founding songs from unsigned artists at soundcloud. Maliblue has such a great beat.

▲Wolf Gang▲

2011-10-22 @ 11:33:34

▲ Foster The People ▲

2011-09-22 @ 17:05:58

I recently discovered this album and I really really like it, so much!

The whole album is great, but "Waste" is something special. I also like "I would do anything for you". I'm so in love with Mark Fosters voice, I'm sitting here singing along with him, haha.

Listen to Foster The People (on spotify).


2011-07-29 @ 14:54:17

I love that feeling when you find a band you really like from the first song. I found this song on youtube, and I've fallen deeply in love with Zoo Kid.

▲ W.O.R.L.D. is full of M.A.G.I.C. ▲

2011-07-07 @ 00:53:59
I've had such a great week at Peace & Love. I've met so many wonderful people!
I've seen so many great bands (Patrick Wolf I love you),  and I'm so happy right now!

When I came home I saw that Sound of arrows made this music video for M.A.G.I.C. and I'm in love with it.
A swedish band who makes lyrics in English with a music video in Spanish, so cool!

▲Right now I'm missing Warsaw▲

2011-05-20 @ 21:40:47

Oh Patrick. I'm your biggest fan!

This video came out today, and I'm so in love! Can't wait to see him live again!

1:46 <3

(Do you see the ring on his finger!! :D)

▲I'm sick of dancing with the beast▲

2011-04-24 @ 20:25:12
Kära Wombats, ser fram emot erat album!
Kom och dansa med mig, någon?

▲ Jónsi ▲

2011-04-17 @ 01:50:06

Din musik ger mig rysningar, din röst är så vacker att den nästan gör ont och du får mig att smila som en idiot.


2011-03-31 @ 12:00:00
▲ En najsig skiva vi köpte i berlin!


2011-03-22 @ 22:48:16
FRIENDLY FIRES släpper nytt album den 16 maj, och den här låten las ut på youtube för två timmar sen.
OH GOD, den är ju verkligen grymt bra!  Längtar efter att få höra resten!!!

▲ What to do? ▲

2011-03-22 @ 20:11:27

▲ Mitt i natten ▲

2011-03-19 @ 01:08:26
Sitter här mitt i natten och lyssnar igenom Panic!'s nya album. MYS!!

Finns att lyssna på spotify för de som har premium!

▲ Najsiga Album 2011 ▲

2011-02-27 @ 18:44:16

▲Toro Y Moi, Underneath The Pine

▲ Those Dancing Days, Daydreams and Nightmares

▲ Million Young, Replicants

▲ Radiohead, The King Of Limbs

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