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2012-07-31 @ 11:37:40

ph. me
model: Molly
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2012-07-30 @ 00:48:28

I went to a flea market with my family yesterday, and I found a t-shirt from Minimarket for 40:- (3,7 GBP). A pretty good price. I also bought a blue jacket for the same price but when I came home I realised that it was a bit to big, I think I'm going to use it anyway though.
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2012-07-28 @ 19:56:54
I love the ending.

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2012-07-26 @ 02:55:09

ph. me

My friend is cute.

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2012-07-16 @ 22:38:44

Miss you.

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2012-07-14 @ 00:21:19


2012-07-02 @ 01:47:23

My friends and I at the Hultsfred festival!
I don't want this summer to end, ever. Today (or yesterday whatever), when I came home from Peace & Love, sleepy and hungry I got online to check what school I got in to. This autumn I will study art & design at Kulturama. It was my second choise, but I'm absolutely pleased with it! Looking forward to this autumn but I still don't want this summer to end!

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