▲ You thought I had I life? ▲

2011-12-04 @ 14:05:35

You thought I had a life? No I don't. This is my weekend..
I've never studied non stop this much ever. Three tests this upcoming week, monday-tuesday-wednesday.
Plus two concerts (playing angry birds theme song), and then some essays on top of that.
I'm just hoping I'll do all right.

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▲ Androgyn▲

2011-11-13 @ 11:01:41

Me ♥ Androgyn.
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2011-10-06 @ 22:02:35

I just wanted to show you my new hoodie I bought last week and tell you that I've got some new Saturday pics!
I'll edit them now this weekend so I'm probably done until next week!
I'm going to my summerhouse this week instead, so I won't shoot any pictures tomorrow, maybe on my sister or grandma if they want to act models. But I've got lots of work to do there and a lot to study, so I'm not promising anything...

▲ NK fashion crimes ▲

2011-09-24 @ 16:52:21

I really like the photos for NK's autumn collection. I don't know the photographer though, gonna check that up!
I've noticed that I say "I really like" a lot. But I really like these photos.

▲ One of my favourite vloggers ▲

2011-09-09 @ 11:15:32

TobyIsWeird is one of the best vloggers on youtube, in my opinion. I don't follow many vloggers, but Toby sure is something special. He makes arty shortfilms but also does covers of nice indie songs.
He has really great taste in music to! Take a look at his channel here! Click!

▲ Sailing ▲

2011-08-21 @ 12:32:22

Tired girl with new sunglasses. I know - summer is soon over but I really liked them. But I don't know if I can pull them off, I'll try my best haha.
I've been out sailing now for two weeks, and when I came home I just wanted to sleep, I was so tired (and I still am). It was so much fun sailing, I met so many nice people! Anyways, School starts tomorrow, excited? No. But I'm looking forward to meet my friends!
I will post pictures from the boat as soon as I can, but I need to print them first.

▲She loves to rainbow sponge▲

2011-07-23 @ 21:35:01
This made me smile.

▲Til the sun came up▲

2011-07-15 @ 20:52:42

This song is made by Michael Holborn and I found it from a commercial for TV1000 or something. I think it's a
really nice song actually so i googled it and found it on soundcloud. (now I have it in my iPod, haha).

The picture of my sister is a random photo from my mobile camera. She had this mask on her face I wanted to take a photo of her.

▲ In the Sunshine▲

2011-06-08 @ 23:35:04

Tomorrow is the last day of school. And it feels so NICE.
I don't know if I'm going to update more until after Italy, if that's the case I'm saying goodbye now - wishing you a lovely summer!
After Italy I will definitely update with pictures and stuff before I'll travel again, to Peace&Love.

And hey, I almost forgot! I've started to use twitter again so follow me if you want!
twitter: @Thewestwolves or just search for "Saga West"

And don't forget to listen to listen to Friendly Fire's new album Pala!
Bye for now!

▲ Teaparty ▲

2011-06-06 @ 23:54:03

It's only 3 schooldays left until FREEDOM!
At friday I'll be in Italy. I'll stay there for 10 days, after that I'll be at Peace & Love.
This summer is going to be so nice!

▲ Mobile Pics 2 ▲

2011-05-24 @ 20:27:08
Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

▲ Mobile Pics ▲

2011-05-23 @ 08:11:04

Here's two pics from my cellphone that I took yesterday. I have the "gröna kortet" now, so I can visit Gröna Lund (tivoli in Stockholm) whenever I want! Today I'll visit to see Familjen. Yesterday I saw Tove, Veronica Maggio, Christian Walz and some other artists! It was so much fun!

▲ Simon Schmidt ▲

2011-05-18 @ 11:58:00

I've said it once before, and I'm saying it again:
Read Simon's blog!
You'll find wonderful pictures and lovely outfits! Sounds great, doesn't it?
Well, pay it a visit!

▲ Fire and whispers tour▲

2011-05-15 @ 16:26:53


At friday night, Alice and I went to se IAMX at Nalen. They were so awesome that saturday morning i woke up with bruisings on my hands! Under the concert I even touched Chris arm! I'm so lucky. As soon as I get the possibility I'll definitely see them again, and again! It was so much energy!

At the rest of the weekend I've been cleaning my room from tip to toe, packing things into boxes and throwing 4  garbage bags away. It felt like I was killing my childhood, ha ha. The reason why I'm cleaning is that I'm going to build a wall in the middle of the room, repaint everything and put up a new wardrobe.

And also I've got some other good news, I've got a new cellphone, the one that I wanted so now I'm not retareded anymore. Now I can visit facebook, tumblr on-the-go and even... Call my friends without problems! (and also many other stuff). It's a samsung galaxy s2!

▲ BBC ▲

2011-05-12 @ 20:10:16

I just looked at this - and WOAH it's so inspiring!

I don't often look at documentaries, i should definitely do it more often!

Take a look!


2011-04-26 @ 20:59:53

▲ Molly å Jag ▲

2011-04-15 @ 22:44:00
Är bara för coola.

▲ Overture ▲

2011-04-10 @ 15:41:35
Lämnade nyss in rullen på framkallning, så på onsdag kan jag hämta ut bilderna från Polen och helgen. Igår var det ju kulturnatt och vi passade på att gå på museum mitt i natten - KUL!
▲ Bild jag hittade på weheartit från Patricks konsert i Polen! Åhh, vill tillbaka! (lyssna: Overture)

▲I'm leaving London, for Land end▲

2011-04-09 @ 18:48:54
Jag är kär i dig.

▲ PW @ P&L ▲

2011-03-31 @ 22:48:00

- Japp å vi ska nog dit och kolla på honom tror jag. Ser mest fram emot (än sålänge) Patrick, Mew, M.I.A och Those Dancing Days.

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