2011-09-27 @ 23:36:06

ph. me
models: Alice and Felix Sievo (twins)
I forgot I hadn't uploaded these pictures here on the blog. I doubt that anyone who doesn't know me or know who I am read this blog, so you've probably seen these pictures on facebook. Anyway, these are my friends Alice and Felix.
I've started a new project called Saturdays, and it's just the simple plan that I'll take portraits on saturdays for an unknown time. Unfortunately my model was ill this last saturday and this upcoming saturday I'm forced to visit my summerhouse to do some gardening. But I'm hoping that I'll take new pictures next week (nice start huh), haha.
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▲ NK fashion crimes ▲

2011-09-24 @ 16:52:21

I really like the photos for NK's autumn collection. I don't know the photographer though, gonna check that up!
I've noticed that I say "I really like" a lot. But I really like these photos.
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▲ Foster The People ▲

2011-09-22 @ 17:05:58

I recently discovered this album and I really really like it, so much!

The whole album is great, but "Waste" is something special. I also like "I would do anything for you". I'm so in love with Mark Fosters voice, I'm sitting here singing along with him, haha.

Listen to Foster The People (on spotify).

▲ Creepers ▲

2011-09-18 @ 00:33:42
I bought these shoes today, and I'm so in love with them!
And yeeesss, I've got my feet on my desktop...

▲ 'Couse I'm a lookbooker yes I am ▲

2011-09-14 @ 20:05:56

▲ One of my favourite vloggers ▲

2011-09-09 @ 11:15:32

TobyIsWeird is one of the best vloggers on youtube, in my opinion. I don't follow many vloggers, but Toby sure is something special. He makes arty shortfilms but also does covers of nice indie songs.
He has really great taste in music to! Take a look at his channel here! Click!

▲ Portraits ▲

2011-09-06 @ 18:06:08

ph. Me!

I used a Canon eos 300 with Lomography ISO 400 film.

▲ Sailors from Sweden▲

2011-09-06 @ 17:56:45


ph. Me
Taken with a canon eos 300 and Lomograpgy ISO 400 film

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