▲ This is how I looked today ▲

2011-06-25 @ 00:52:22

This is how I looked today at Midsommarafton (swedish holiday).
Blouse - 2nd hand
belt - H&M
shorts - Topshop
Ring - Gina Tricot
Earring/earcuff - homemade
Bag - random store in Poland
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▲ Italian beach ▲

2011-06-23 @ 23:42:15



Me and my family went to Italia for 10 days. We were in Toscana and we also visited the island Elba.
I've got so many good pictures. It think I shot around 500 pics at this vacation so I have very much work going through all the pictures and sort. I've done some much this vacation: I('ve)... seen a man feeding a fox, climbed a mountain, got sunburned, seen a dead city, ate so much pasta/pizza, bathe in a waterfall, been to the place where the New Moon movie was recorded. Woah, I'm tired!


Also I've been listening to Patrick Wolf's new album Lupercalia!

He brings the happiness to my life! I'm counting down the days until I'll see him live again! 7 days!

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▲ In the Sunshine▲

2011-06-08 @ 23:35:04

Tomorrow is the last day of school. And it feels so NICE.
I don't know if I'm going to update more until after Italy, if that's the case I'm saying goodbye now - wishing you a lovely summer!
After Italy I will definitely update with pictures and stuff before I'll travel again, to Peace&Love.

And hey, I almost forgot! I've started to use twitter again so follow me if you want!
twitter: @Thewestwolves or just search for "Saga West"

And don't forget to listen to listen to Friendly Fire's new album Pala!
Bye for now!

▲ Teaparty ▲

2011-06-06 @ 23:54:03

It's only 3 schooldays left until FREEDOM!
At friday I'll be in Italy. I'll stay there for 10 days, after that I'll be at Peace & Love.
This summer is going to be so nice!

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